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Patrice Binay, VP of Chemistry & CMC

32 years of pharmaceutical Fine Chemistry experience. Synthesis and analytical characterization of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Quality auditing, Industrial Transfer. Development of a new class of anti-inflammatory (H4 Receptor).

Damion J. Boyer, Co-Founder/CEO

6 years experience as CEO of Corvidane. Responsible for initiating Corvidane’s MASH program and forging strategic alliances in the U.S. and Europe, which includes UMC Utrecht and resulted in a non-dilutive subsidy from the Dutch government.

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Paresh Soni, Advisor

20+ years of executive pharmaceutical experience in Cardio-vascular diseases and MASH that includes Amarin, Alexion, Pfizer and Albireo. Led the NDA submission and approval of Vascepa®, designed and launched the landmark REDUCE-IT study.

John M. Burke, Co-Founder

Inventor of Corvida™ with 46 years Chemical Engineering expertise.

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